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Log File "Cannot be found" or " Does not Correspond to the data file"
Posted by Diane Jessup, Last modified by Judy Grann on 24 March 2015 01:51 PM

If you receive an error when opening SuccessWare "The LOG file can not be found" or "The LOG file does not correspond to the data file" Follow the instructions below:

The log file records all data transactions as they occur starting from the time of the last backup. If anything ever happens to your data, you can use the last backup together with the log file to fully restore your data to the state it was in just prior to the occurrence of the problem.

Below are a few possibilities as to why you may have received this message.

1) You move your data file to another computer, work on it there, and then bring it back to the original computer.

2) You send your data file to an outside entity (such as SuccessWare, Inc. or Studio Management Services), they make data changes, and then send it back.

3) You move your backup storage device

Doing the above, the connection to the log file on your system or backup destination was interrupted. You may have disconnected the device that you were using to save your backup while SuccessWare was running.

SuccessWare writes to the log file continuously. As changes are made to SuccessWare we use the log file to document these changes. If you move the Flash drive, disconnect a hard drive, etc. the connection to where the log file is being written will be interrupted.

Upon Startup, you will receive the error message. Your backup is still intact, but the log file no longer is up to date, so what you would need to do is simply create a new log file. Once you tell SuccessWare to create a new Log file, a new backup will be made at the same time.  Log files have to have a starting point, so the backup must be made to do so. If you do not do the backup, you will continue to get the message that the log file does not correspond.

You can create a new log file, however, we recommend making a copy of the existing SuccessWare.4dl file first.

On the error message window, click OK on the message window that appears.

An Open File window will appear

Click the New button (the button will most likely be in the lower left (on Mac) right (on PC) corner of the window)

Click Save

If a window appears asking if the current file should be replaced, say yes.

A message will appear stating that you need to proceed to backup.

Click OK.

SuccessWare will perform a backup, and then launch normally.

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