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Time and Date Shortcuts
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Time and Date Shortcuts

Date fields:

There is no need to enter slashes when entering a date. Spaces work the same as a slash and sometimes easier to get to on the keyboard.

SuccessWare has an auto formating capability that will automatically fill the month/date/year format.

If you are in the current year, only the Month and day are needed the year will auto fill.

If you are in the same month and you are entering a different day in the month you can simply enter the day.


For our example the current date is December 18, 2010.

To enter January 3, 2009 you can type the following:

1 3 9  the format will auto format for 01/03/2009.

To enter December 22, 2010 type the following:

22  the format will auto format for 12/22/2010

To enter November 1, 2010 type the following:

11 1  the format will auto format for 11/01/2010

In the date fields, use of the "-"  (minus) and "+" (plus) to move up and down by one day. Simply click in the date field and use these keys to advance by one day or go back a day.

In Version  5.0.5 and beyond, simply type a "d" in the date field and a calender pops up which allows you to navigate to the date of your choice. Your curser must be in the date field for this to occur.
Time fields:

To enter a time, use a space to separate hours and minutes instead of a colon (:).

For example:

instead of typing "9:30," enter "9 30." SuccessWare will fill in the colon for you. 9:30 AM will appear.

To enter times that are on the hour (like 9:00, 1:00, etc.), just enter the hour number.

For example:

type "9" and SuccessWare will automatically format it to "9:00 AM."

For PM times, enter the hour and a "p".

For example:

If you enter "2p," SuccessWare automatically formats the time as "2:00 PM."

When entering an ending time after a corresponding PM starting time has been entered, there is no need to enter a "p" for PM since SuccessWare knows the ending time must occur in the PM if the starting time is PM.

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