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Recurring Expenses Makes Entering Bills Easier
Posted by Diane Jessup, Last modified by Judy Grann on 29 September 2009 02:32 PM
Recurring Expenses Makes Entering Bills Easier

To make paying bills faster, simply add them as a recurring expense. These can be added two ways. First, the Add Recurring Expense window is under the Financial menu or Second as you are paying bills.

If you are paying bills, this is the easiest way to add them into SuccessWare since you have to add the expenses anyway. You can save an expense as a recurring expense by choosing the Save Recurring Expense from the "Recurring" button. This process will allow you to add the expense and save the expense as a template to be used in the future. Recurring Expense amounts can be altered when using them in the future.

When saving the recurring expense, you will be asked to enter a Name:

Recurring Expense Name

This field allows you to enter a meaningful name, such as "Trash Service." This name will appear in the Recurring Expense list window when adding actual expenses. This name can be the same as the Payee if you choose. Select a name that will be easy for you to identify from the list in the future.

Other Recurring Expense Fields

The Date field is non-enterable for recurring expenses since the date can only be determined when the recurring expense is used to create an actual expense (This field will be visible when adding an expense from Add Expenses from the financial menu. The Date field will not be saved with the recurring expense when creating it from the Add Expenses window.) Recurring expenses are often created with one or more expense items with a zero dollar amounts so the correct amounts may be entered when adding an actual expense. If you have a saved dollar amount with the recurring expense, and it differs when you select the expense item, you can simply enter the correct dollar amount.

The Check Tab

If you want this expense to be a printable check, you can select the check box on the Check tab that states "Print this check through Success Tracking".
This will allow you to enter an Address directly on the check for placing in windowed envelopes.

Using Recurring expenses in the future.

Choose Add Expenses from the Financial menu. Select Show Recurring Expenses from the Recurring button. Your list will populate for paying bills, you can mirror the bills you pay on line using a few mouse clicks to select the items that match your on-line bill pay. Select the expense from the Recurring window, set the date to the desired date and adjust the amount if necessary. Click the Save button and then select the next expense and so on.

You are also ready to print your checks through SuccessWare by choosing Print Checks from the Financial Menu. Any expense with the "Print this check through Success Tracking" option selected will be set in a queue. Select the desired check style, set the check number for the first check and click print.  Sign and slip in a windowed envelope.

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