Compacting data file
Posted by Diane Jessup, Last modified by Judy Grann on 29 September 2009 08:25 PM
To compact a data file, we need to back up your entire Successware folder onto a CD/DVD and or Jump drive off of this computer.

1) Shut Successware application down
2) Navigate to the SuccessWare Folder, in the Application folder
3) Open the Utility Folder
4) Double click the 4d tools Icon
5) A navigate window will open
6) Enable the Compiled Database
7) Naviagate to the SuccessWare folder
8) Double click the Successware Icon
9) A new window will pop up Select the Successware.4dd file
10) Open
11) A window will pop up with the title 4 d tools
12) Select the maintain tab
13) Select the Compact button on the bottom right
14) A Create a data file window will appear ( note the name it is renaming the file too and where it is saving the file
15) Save
16) Navigate to the SuccessWare folder and create a folder named DAMAGED files- move all .4dd and .4ds files except the one just created to this folder.
17) Rename the new Successware file - successware.4dd , and make sure it is in the successware folder and not a subfolder
18) Launch SuccessWare by double clicking the icon on your dock and than holding down the alt key- a navigate window will appear- select the newly created data file

After you have launched Successware successfully delete the DAMAGED folder.

Please do not hesitate to call if you need assistance in this process.
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