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Hyperlinks Contain Extraneous Spaces in HTML Emails Sent Through SuccessWare
Posted by Jeff Grann (Import), Last modified by Judy Grann on 28 September 2009 10:40 PM
Some hyperlinks in HTML emails sent through SuccessWare may appear with spaces in them that are not supposed to be there. For example, the following might appear as a "Click Here" hyperlink when viewing an HTML email:

Cli ck Here

Note the extraneous space between Cli and ck.

This is caused by the fact that SuccessWare does word wrapping of outgoing email text at 76 characters. This is a good thing to do since some older email servers and reader applications cannot handle lines longer than this limit. However, it is causing this problem. The workaround is to change the HTML code for the hyperlink (anchor tag) as so:


""Click Here"

Note that the text from through "Click" is over 76 characters long with no white space. This causes a word wrap to occur between "Cli" and "ck".


Add a space just before the "Click Here" before the actual hyperlink text.

""Click Here"

Note that a space has been added just before the first character (right after index.htm). This keeps the text displayed in the hyperlink (Click Here) from word wrapping.

***** Another workaround is to use Tiny URLs. This way, the URLs will not be very long and will thus avoid this problem.
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