Upgrading From Single User to Multi-User
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The main component of the multi-user version is the SuccessWare Server software. This software runs on one computer on your network and manages data file access for all users.

To insure optimum performance, it is recommended that this server computer be dedicated to running SuccessWare. This means that you should not run other applications on the server computer while the SuccessWare Server is running, including screen savers, anti-virus scanners, energy savers and other utility software (anti virus protection is necessary especially if you are connected to the internet, but system scans can interfere with performance. Keeping your system clean insures that the server performs at the highest possible level in terms of speed and stability. To view system requirements so you can assure your computer is set up appropriately go to:

*Note that the client software cannot run on the server computer.

1) If you are upgrading from a single user version of SuccessWare backup the entire SuccessWare folder prior to installing multi user. Make sure that you have quit out of SuccessWare, then backup the SuccessWare folder to a blank CD, a flash drive or an external hard drive.

2) Do not install any software on your Single user system until you have made certain that SuccessWare Server software and one other client machine are running correctly with your database. Only then should you update the SuccessWare software on that existing system.

3) On the system that will run the Server software.
Copy the SuccessWare folder that you backed up to Applications Folder on MAC and the Hard Drive on Windows. (This will ensure that all files are copied to the multi-user system, including your Faces folder, Order form templates, Letters, Labels etc.)

Go to
Click on the Downloads page
Select PC or Mac Downloads
For Mac users you will download - SuccessWare Multi-User Installer (contains the server and client installer)
For PC users you will download - SuccessWare Server Installer
Follow instructions prompted by the installer - Select the yes for the option “Are you upgrading from a Single User system?”

4) Once the server application is running download and install the client version on the additional computers.

*Your HASP Key will now reside in a port on the server computer.

Make sure that the server is not set to go to sleep after a certain period of time, if so the client machines may loose connection.
It is recommended that the SuccessWare Server application be shut down at the end of each night.

In order for the client computers to access the data base, the Server Application must be turned on first.
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