Information needed to assist with Technical issues
Posted by on 07 June 2016 08:01 PM

You recently contacted our support team with a SuccessWare issue, however in order to better assist we need to know the following. 

Providing the details below will enable us to resolve your issue promptly.


Contact Information:

Your name
Studio Name
Contact phone number

System Environment:

Do you have the Multi or Single user version of SuccessWare installed?

What version of SuccessWare are you running?
    *If you are not sure of your version, go to the SuccessWare menu (MAC) or the Help menu     (PC) and select About Success Tracking
    Our logo page will appear, showing your exact version

What Operating System is your computer running, if you have the multi user version installed,     we need to know the OS of the computer that runs SuccessWare Server.

List any and all Anti Virus/Anti Spyware/Malware software you have running
    *If you have any of the above software installed, have you tried temporarily turning it off?

What is the date of your last SuccessWare backup?

Error Messages:

Error message (if any)
Error codes (if any)
If you are receiving any alerts or errors please take a screen grab of the errors so we can see exactly what you are seeing.

Problem Parameters:

Is this issue happening on one Single user computer, one or all client computers or the server computer?

Did SuccessWare work in the past and just started having this problem?
If SuccessWare was working like normal in the past did you do recently experience a power outage, Any upgrades, changes to your network or router, or new installs just prior to this issue?
Please be specific.

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue so far.
Please be specific.

Please include any other message or details that will help to promptly resolve this issue.

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