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Accidental Client Deletion and how to recover the info
Posted by Diane Jessup, Last modified by Judy Grann on 29 September 2009 02:55 PM
If you have deleted a client in SuccessWare, you will have to go to a backup to gain the information to restore it. Below are the steps to take to do so:

Close SuccessWare and back up your data file. (backup to external media, cd/dvd or flash drive)

If you can place your old data with the deleted client on a different machine(a second computer), It is possible to look at this info in View mode on that system and re-enter the Data about the deleted client on your main system while you are looking at your old backup. This is the easiest way to rebuild your deleted client.
If you have only one machine to work with, you will have to open your backup that contains the deleted client to view it and collect the necessary information. You can open that file and find the information, write it all down, print invoices, write down payments, deposit dates, credit card validation, etc. Print anything you can from SuccessWare and write down any pertinent info. You will need all information that is necessary to recreate the client.

To run your backup do the following:

Go to a current back up that contain the deleted clients history. After you have backed up your current data you can copy the backup into the SuccessWare folder.

When done making your copies, notes etc. regarding the client. Quit SuccessWare

Paste your current database from today into the SuccessWare folder

Run the application.

Data enter all the info about the client. Dates for sessions, orders, payment dates. Go into Modify Accounts to re-deposit any money that happened to be removed from a deposit.


To prevent deletions of clients in the future:

Remember in versions 5.0 and beyond have a Delete preference that states "Never be able to delete a client". Make certain that is selected.

In Security, you can set Delete security to anyone who logs onto SuccessWare to safegard your data. Also make certain the Audit Trail is turned on to track deletions etc.

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