Email Error 10113
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If you receive error 10113 when you attempt to send an email through SuccessWare this is because your password needs to be updated.

If you recently changed the password for your email address, go into the SuccessWare Preference window and select Email.

Type in your current password.

Emails should now send like normal.
*If you are using a Gmail address and know that you have the correct password entered, yet still get the error, it is because of your Google Security settings.

Google is blocking your email set up in SuccessWare.

Google has a more secure, yet non-standard way of authenticating email senders. It’s called OAuth which is the same security built into SuccessWare’s Google syncing interface.

1) Login to your Google account through your computers web browser.

2) Go to:

3) Click Turn on access for less secure apps.

Google will then send you an email warning you to be careful with this setting because the app (SuccessWare) may be the kind that may try to steal personal information. Please understand that this is not the case, we simply require access and are not a Google app.

Once you have done the above and approved the use of non Google apps, you will then be able to set your Gmail account in the SuccessWare Email Preference.

Make sure you Type in your full Gmail email address and password, it will not work if you Copy/Paste from another application, it must be typed in.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions or need any other assistance with setting up your Email Preference.


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