Running a standard Repair using Maintenance
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Prior to running a repair, please make a backup copy of your SuccessWare.4dd file.
The data file is in the main SuccessWare folder on the server. Simply copy the SuccessWare.4dd file to an external drive of some kind.
Directions to run a check and repair are below. Do not hesitate to reply with any questions.

1) To run a check, quit out of SuccessWare on the Server.
Then upon relaunch hold down the Option key.
This will prompt a window asking what you would like to do.
Select, Open the Maintenance and Security Center and click Continue.

2) In the Maintenance window, click the Verify button on the left.
In the Verify window, start by clicking the very bottom button next to Verify the Application.
If you get a green check mark, click the top button next to Verify the Records and Indexes.

If you get a green check mark, close out of this window and do a normal relaunch.
If you receive a red "X" indicating an problem, click the Repair button on the left.

3) Should you need to repair the file, set it to Standard Repair, click the Repair button on the right.
If you receive a message that states Anomalies have been detected, click the Repair button one more time.
When it comes back and says the file has been repaired, close this window and quit out.

4) Launch like normal. Upon launch, if you repaired the file you may receive a message that states, The correct Log File cannot be found, click Create.
Save a new Log File in your backup location.
SuccessWare should then start launching like normal.
If another message comes up on the server regarding the Log File, click Dont Use...

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