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Text messaging your clients is possible!


Below are the directions to set up Text Message Reminders.
You can also add them to appointments to be sent out to them as auto e-mails.

This is a process that I believe would work very well.

1. Create the client as a Relation so on the Relation Tab of the client, you will have a relation with a First Name "Text" Last name - Clients and the Relationship "Text".

The e-mail address will be the mobile phone number followed by the @ and then the carrier e-mail below. (Mobile number with no dashes or parenthisis)

2. You can now select the relation and Click send e-mail and you can create a Text message.

Bear in mind text messages are only 170 Characters long. No attachments.

In the Subject I would state your Studio Name
In the body, be brief, but you can create a reminder with appointment times, and a brief note.

3. These messages can be replied to, however, the message will come back to you in your e-mail with your clients phone number, and it may have no distinguishing information other than that.

Att gives you the sender
Verizon sends back a txt attachment that you can open and view

So it isn't meant for real communication, just messages. You may want to put in the subject Do Not Reply as you may not be able to distinguish quickly who the message is coming from.

4. You can also add a Automated E-mail to an appointment using either the relation or the custom e-mail option. You can send the Text Reminder as an Auto E-mail on the Auto E-mail Tab of appointments or Sessions window.

This is a feature that folks have asked for and it works beautifully.

Text messaging services have proven cost prohibitive and we have been investigating ways to work within SuccessWare. You must know the carrier of the person/s you are sending these messages to, but since text messages are really just small e-mails and they work the same, we came up with a solution that works and you can use it to text your clients/relations/ etc of upcoming events etc.

Alltel Mobile

ATT Mobile Carrier

Boost Mobile Mobile Carrier

Nextel Mobile Carrier

Sprint Mobile Carrier

TMobile Mobile Carrier

US Cellular Mobile Carrier

Verizon Mobile Carrier

Virgin Mobile Mobile Carrier

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