Nov. 17 Google Response
Posted by Judy Grann, Last modified by Judy Grann on 20 November 2014 02:27 PM

On November 17th, Google changed the interface and broke the communication it was using for software like ours. We have been working night and day to incorporate the new interface. We sent out a notice as well as a work around until we have the new interface done. If you did not receive it, here it is again:

While we are working on the resolution to the Google Calendar changes,
we have come up with 2 options to assist your connectivity.

Export option:

We do have an export option to iCal or ICS file that can be used with
iCal, Outlook, etc.
This file allows you to Export your events, it is not a Sync. You can
only make changes within SuccessWare, however, by exporting to another
calendar program, you have the visual you need to view the schedule
away from the office on your device.

1. On the SuccessWare Scheduler window. Click Export choose ICS or

2. Export to iCal or ICS, - the file can be read into your calendar of
choice it is an ICS file standard.

3. Create a new SuccessWare Calendar each time so you do not create
duplications. Doing this will remove the old appointments, but it will
add the new appointments to the schedule. You can do this daily or
what makes sense for your business.

4. Delete the old SW calendar within iCal or your calendar program

Text messaging and Email reminders:

Within SuccessWare you can send your staff e-mails and texts for
upcoming appointment.

1. Set up Staff under the People menu.

2. Set User Preferences to include text and email reminders.

3. When adding an appointment select the staff member to be reminded
on the Recourses needed area of the Appointment or session.

4. We recommend setting Staff reminders to send E-mails 1 day prior to
the event and a text message 15min or 1 hour (depending on your
"getting ready time"). This way the day prior to upcoming events, you
and staff can get a heads up on all appointments you have for the
upcoming day.

5. In your Email program set up a folder for your Reminders, you can
set "Rules" within your email client to direct those specific messages

6. Once you set up your appointments/ sessions in the manner you like,
you can set up Favorite appointments so all of the staff reminders are

If you need assistance with either method, please let us know.

Also bear in mind that we are working on this issue night and day.
Hopefully with the changes, the sync process will become more stable.
We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause, however we are
doing everything we can to work on the solution.

These above options are not ideal, and you can not make changes on
your device while we are working out the solution, but it will at
least give you a way to keep your appointments close at hand.

We know how important this is to everyone and we are working hard to
get SuccessWare and Google back on firm communication.

Thank you all in advance for your continued support and patience while
we resolve this issue.

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