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Adding a Subject to Order Forms
Posted by Diane Jessup, Last modified by Judy Grann on 13 July 2009 11:36 PM
Adding a Subject(s) to an Order Form

Here's how to add a list of subjects to an order form.

1) Choose Order Form Editor from the Order menu and open your existing order form or you can open a SuccessWare Template.

2) Click the Add Variable icon in the toolbar.

3) Click in an empty area on the order form and drag the mouse down and to the right to create a box that will contain the subjects. It does not need to be wider than a couple of inches nor taller than one line of text since it will expand during printing.

4) Enter OrderForms_Subjects into the Variable Name field. You can simply copy the name right from this message and paste it into the field.

IMPORTANT: Make sure there are no spaces before or after the name after pasting. If there are, remove them before continuing.

5) Click the Options tab.

6) If you would like the list of subjects to expand to the right, check the Print With Variable Width box. If not, you will need to size the area so it will fit the subjects.

7) If you would like the list of subjects to expand downward, check the Print With Variable Depth box. Note that you may use both resizing options if you wish.

8) Click the Script tab.

9) Copy and paste all of this text into the script area (click your browser's back button to return to these instructions). If you would like to include the birthday of each subject, use this text instead.

10) Click OK.

11) Move the new variable named OrderForms_Subjects to where you want it to appear on the order form. Label it appropriately using the text tool (the A in the toolbar) if desired.

12) Click Save and close the window.

To add subjects to other order forms, simply copy the OrderForms_Subjects variable and paste it into the other forms.
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