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When you get a chance please try the following and let me know if you see your contact info.

1) Go into your Modify Order window.
Click send email, select send using SuccessWare.

2) Click the Open button.
Go to the Invoices category and delete both Invoice templates on the right. Select one template at a time then use the minus button at the bottom to delete the invoice.

3) Download the attached file.
Move it into the following location: Applications>SuccessWare>EMail Messages>Invoices>HTML
You will receive a message that this file already exists, click Replace.

4) Go back into SuccessWare, open your Modify Order window.
Click Send email select Send Using SuccessWare.

5) Below the Subject and Attachment lines, there is an HTML line.
Click the HTML drop down button on the right, then Select a different HTML File to send.

6) An open window will come up, navigate to the SuccessWare folder, open the Email Messages folder and then HTML folder.
Select the file named Invoice.html.

7) Click Save As.
Save this new template with the name Invoice then send this to yourself.

Do not hesitate to reply if you need any help with the steps above.

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