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Receiving your unlocked data file
Posted by Diane Jessup, Last modified by on 07 May 2007 07:14 PM

What to do with your data-file once you have received it after we have unlocked your account:

First, just in case, make certain you have made a backup of your SuccessWare data. If you have more than one database, make certain all are backed up.

Download the unlocked file we sent you.

Open your main SuccessWare folder (C-Drive PC, or Applications folder MAC)

Move data file you just received from us to this folder. (It will ask if you want to replace it, say yes.)

Using the passwords provided by us, log in as the administrator.

Once you are up and running, go to the file, select Security and type in the provided password again.

You can now change the password for any user.

Select the account you want to change, click the Set User Password button. 

It is recommended that a secondary ADMIN account be set up as a second administrator to assure a way in to the software if it is lock out in the future.


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