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Cost of Sale Tracking by Product Not by Order
Posted by Stephanie Kano, Last modified by on 15 February 2011 11:20 PM

SuccessWare tracks the Cost Of Sale associated with your Products.

Tracking COS will help you to know if you are charging a profitable amount for each item you sell. By knowing you are at a profitable price point you do not need to track order by order, you know the products that make up the order are priced appropriately before you sell them to the client.

If you choose to, you can break down your lab, framing, album etc. bills into specific Product Lines in the Add Expense Window.

For example when you add your lab bill in, if the total bill was 150.00 and 100.00 of the bill was for a Wedding order and 50.00 was for a Senior order enter two Expense line items and use the Product Line drop down menu to tell SuccessWare how much of the bill went to each product line.

By braking down your bills this way your Income and Expense Report will show you a break down of how much you are spending per product line. This method if chosen must be done for each expense item.  It you do not designate an expense Product Line, the amounts will be automatically divided based on percentage of sale.

If you need any help setting this up feel free to reply, and we would be happy to call and explain this in more detail.



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