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Online Order Payments using Paypal, Collages, Pictage, Etc.
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How to receive money from a third party processor:

Set up a payment method for the third party (Paypal,Collages, Pictage, etc)

Go to the Order Menu
Select Accepted credit cards
Type in the new payment method name, use the name of the online company
Select the check box that "This payment method is an acceptable form of payment for ordered items"
Select the box which states " Transaction fees are taken out monthly"

For Direct Deposit Reimbursements:

When an Online order is received, enter it into SuccessWare like normal
On the payment tab select the correct online payment method you created

To deposit the online payments go to the Financial menu, select the account the money is to be deposited to
Click the New button and select Deposit
Select all payments reflected on the statement and enter all fees from the online company into the Transaction Fee field on the bottom right. The deposit should equal the amount on the statement.

Click Add this Deposit.

These transaction fees and any costs involved with the online company will be automatically categorized as Cost Of Sale.

For Check Reimbursements:

If you receive this money as a check, you will need to go to the financial account the money is to be deposited into
Select New
Select Deposit
Click on Add Reimbursement Check
Select the transactions that are included in the check you have received, Enter the date of the Check and the Check Number
Then click Add this check.

The check is now available for deposit. You can add it to your Regular Deposit.

In some instances, the Company will not send a reimbursement check, but will send a bill less the moneys owed to you for a client. The procedure above still applies, however, the transaction fee will be 100% of the total. Then you would add in an expense to cost of sales for the expense that needs to be paid to the vendor.


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