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If you want to create a custom label, view the Creating Custom Labels screen movie:

Follow these steps to create a custom label

Open the Label Editor.

Click the Layout tab at the top of the Label Editor window.

Click the Print Setup button.

Click the Layout tab at the top of the Label Editor window.

Click the desired page orientation (landscape or portrait) and label order (left to right or top to bottom).

Enter the desired number of labels to be printed across the printed page into "Labels across."

Enter the desired number of labels to be printed from top to bottom on the printed page into "Labels down."

Select the desired units of measure from the Unit pop up menu.

All measurements will be displayed using the selected units.

Click the Page Size radio button.

Enter the page margins into Top Margin, Left Margin, Right Margin and Bottom Margin.

Click the Label Size radio button.

Enter the label size into Label Width and Label Height.

Enter the space between adjacent labels into Horizontal Gap and Vertical Gap.

Click the Label tab on the top of the Label Editor window.

Drag a field from the List of Fields to the label area to the right.

For Bar Code, change its font to "PostBar 12" and change its size to 12 points.

To print bar codes to United States Postal Service specifications, you must use this font and size with a plain text style.

Resize the dragged object as necessary.

Objects should be made as long as possible to make sure their text is not cut off. In addition, Name and Address objects should be expanded to allow at least 4 lines.

Move the object to the desired location on the label.

Make sure it appears within the defined label area.

To append a field to a field already on the label, drag the new field from the List of Fields and drop it on the field on the label area.

A "+" between the fields indicates that the fields will appear on a single line separated by a space. This comes in handy when adding related fields, such as a client's first and last names. The fields appear in the label area as "[Clients]First name+[Clients]Last name" and will print like this: "John Doe." You can append as many fields together as you wish. To have the new field appear on the next line instead of to the right, hold down the shift key while dragging and dropping the field.

If you wish to add any text: enter the text into the Static Text field.

Click the rightward pointing arrow button at the top right-hand side of the Static Text field.

The text will appear in the label area to the right.

Set the desired text attributes.

Click the appropriate drawing tool at the top of the editor window.

Click at the point where you want the object to begin and drag to specify its size.

Hold the Shift key down before and during dragging to force lines to be horizontal or vertical or to force shapes to be as tall as they are wide.

Save the label format.

Click the Save button at the bottom of the Label Editor window.

To save the format into Success Tracking's label folder, navigate to the Label Formats folder within the folder containing your SuccessWare software.

Enter the name of the format.

Click the Save button.

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