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Backing up SuccessWare
Posted by Diane Jessup, Last modified by on 01 May 2009 04:56 PM

Successware has the ability to automatically backup your data. SuccessWare's backup utility is designed to help you safeguard your data in the case of a Hard Drive failure, accidental data deletions, etc.

One of the most critical pieces of data is your Successware data file which contains your client and financial information.

The Getting started Wizard's will assist you with setting up the location in which your data backup will reside. If you have already completed the Backup Wizard and need to make a change or check on the set up, go to your SuccessWare menu (MAC) or your File menu (PC) and select Preferences. There will be a Backup option in the Preference window.

The back up files created are called SuccessWare[###].4bk.  SuccessWare manages the storing of multiple backups that are numbered sequentially. The backup files are rotated, saving only the last four files, this way you always have a current backup file, however it wont fill up a drive.

We also recommend using the log file option. Once created the file name will be SuccessWare.journal.  The log file will keep track of each transaction you do within SuccessWare between backups. If there is a system issue and you need to restore from a backup, maintaining the log file will ensure that you will be returned to the most current state possible of your data. 

You MUST backup to some kind of external media, or cloud storage such as DropBox.  Please note that the location must be mounted and available for the backup to perform properly. The log files records transactions simultaneous during the usage of SuccessWare, so you should not use a drive or location that is moved or turned off while SuccessWare is in use.

*Please be sure to check on your external media and the backup files on a regular basis. If the external drive is disconnected, SuccessWare can no longer save the backup files to your previously chosen location. The backup will still run, but the files will only be able to write to your Hard Drive. Should your Hard Drive crash, you would not only loose your data file, but you would also loose your backup files. Once a week, navigate to your backup location and look at the Created dates of your SuccessWare[###].4bk files. Make sure they are current and up to date. 

We also strongly recommend that you back up your entire system regularly and storing a copy of your backups away from the studio location.  Working from a home office could pose a problem, but there are off site storage facilities, as well as the rental of a safe deposit box at your local bank (they run a nominal $25-$50 per year).  The use of Carbonite, Time Machine and other softwares is appropriate to ensure the safety of all your data.

In order for the automatic backup to start, Successware must be running. If SuccessWare was closed when a scheduled backup was set to run, a backup will run upon the next launch of Successware.

Please call 800-593-3767 email if you need any assistance.


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